Part number 001755


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Weight 500 g
DC motors up to 540 W
EC motors up to 540 W
Without sensor (DC motors) Yes
Digital incremental encoder (2-channel, single-ended) Yes
Digital incremental encoder (2-channel, differential) Yes
Digital incremental encoder (3-channel, differential) Yes
Digital Hall sensors (EC Motors) Yes
Absolute encoder (SSI) Yes
Analog incremental encoder (2-channel, differential) Yes
Operating modes
Current controller yes (torque)
Speed controller (closed loop) Yes
Position controller Yes
Electrical data
Operating voltage Vcc (min.) 10 V
Operating voltage Vcc (max.) 60 V
Logic supply voltage Vc (min.) optional 18 V
Logic supply voltage Vc (max.) optional 30 V
Max. output voltage (factor * Vcc) 0.9
Max. output current Imax 30 A
Max. time of peak output current Imax 5 s
Continuous output current Icont 10 A
PWM clock frequency of power stage 48 kHz
Sampling rate PI current controller 24 kHz
Sampling rate PI speed controller 8 kHz
Sampling rate PID positioning controller 1 kHz
Max. efficiency 98 %
Max. speed (DC) 50000 rpm
Max. speed (EC; 1 pole pair) block commutation 50000 rpm
Max. speed (EC; 1 pole pair) sinusoidal commutation 50000 rpm
Hall sensor signals H1, H2, H3
Encoder signals A, A\, B, B\, I, I\
Max. encoder input frequency 32 MHz
Sensor signals Clock, Data
Digital inputs 16
Functionality of digital inputs free programmable
Analog inputs 4
Resolution, range, circuit 12-bit, 0…+10V
Functionality of analog inputs free programmable
Functionality of the DIP switch Node ID, CAN Bus Termination
Digital outputs 8
Functionality of digital outputs free programmable
Voltage outputs
Hall sensor supply voltage +5V DC
Encoder supply voltage +5V DC, max. 200mA
Sensor supply voltage +5V DC, max. 200mA
USB (full speed) yes
CANopen Master / Slave
CANopen application layer CiA 301
CANopen profiles motion control CiA 402
Status indicator "Ready" green and yellow LED
Status indicator "Error" red LED
Protective functions
Protective functions Current limitatino, over current, over temperature, under voaltage, over voltage, free programmable
Ambient conditions
Temperature – Operation (min.) -30 °C
Temperature – Operation (max.) 50 °C
Temperature – Extended Range +50…+70 °C, if the PCB temperature exceeds +80 °C, the power stage will be switched off
Temperature – Storage (min.) -30 °C
Temperature – Storage (max.) 85 °C
Humidity (non-condensing) (min.) 5 %
Humidity (non-condensing) (max.) 90 %
Mechanical data
Weight 340 g
Dimension (length) 109.5 mm
Dimension (width) 140.5 mm
Dimension (height) 29 mm
Mounting see Referenz Manual
Installation program ApossIDE
Graphical User Interface ApossIDE
Operating system Windows 10, 7
Windows DLL for PC 32-/64-bit
CAN Interfaces USB CAN Adapter
Programming example ApossC_SDK, MS Visual C#, MS Visual C++
Velocity mode Yes
Current mode Yes
Master Encoder Mode Yes
Analog set value Yes
Path generator with sinusoidal/trapezoidal profiles Yes
Position Control Feed Forward Yes
Velocity Control (Feed Forward) Yes
Position Marker / Touch Probe Yes
Quickstop Yes
Enable Yes
Position Compare Yes
Control of holding brakes Yes


The MiniMACS6-AMP-4/50/10 is a free programmable Motion Controller with four BLDC Amplifiers. Each of those amplifiers offers 540W continuous- and 1.62 kW peak power to drive powerful drives.