• 3-Axes Motion Control Motherboard

    Achieving multi-axis motion control in your system does not have to be difficult.

  • The automotive x-by-wire revolution: balancing performance with value in motion system development

    For the automotive sector, the x-by-wire revolution is on the verge. Replacing mechanical linkages with electronic control has distinct demands on the motor system, essential for the actuation of acceleration, steering, braking, and in the future, 360-degree LiDAR vision systems. Precise control is required for performance and safety, and low weight to optimise fuel or battery efficiency is vital too. But as ever with the automotive sector, development must be balanced with value for the global market. So what are the options for car manufacturers and their suppliers? Thibaut Marqueyrol, maxon’s head of automotive solutions, explains.

  • Five innovations from maxon for SPS 2023

    Drive specialist, maxon, is launching five exciting new products at the exhibition in Nuremberg. Among the highlights are the IDX 56 industrial motors combined with angular gearheads and absolute encoders. maxon is also introducing the ESCON2 Module 60/30, a next-generation servo controller featuring the latest technology. Another notable innovation is a sterilizable and high-torque version of the configurable GPX HP gearhead. Rounding off the range of new products is the expanded EC frameless DT motor portfolio and the TSX RIO optical encoder, which is now also available for maxon’s EC-i 40 and EC-i 52 motors.

  • Studying a supernova: what the New Robotic Telescope will tell us

    Understanding fleeting astronomical activity like supernovae and gamma ray bursts can tell us more about the origins of the cosmos. But, as many of these events explode in distant galaxies and are over shortly after they have begun, studying them is challenging. Soon, a new type of automated telescope is set to shed new light on these phenomena. To achieve this, the telescope has to be very fast to target, and highly sensitive. The motion solution, provided by maxon, that drives part of the telescope’s instrumentation array, is vital to this operation.

  • High Performance Sensorless Control

    Compact wiring and slim design

    maxon motor has developed a sensorless speed and torque control solution called "HPSC".

  • 200 times faster subsea inspection with the goddess of the deep

    From oil & gas installations to submarines, structures operating in deep sea conditions need regular inspection. Remote operated vehicles (ROVs) make this process much safer and less expensive, and they rely on scanning technology, which is crucial to data collection. Precise motion control is helping a new subsea inspection device achieve highly accurate inspection with the fastest-yet speeds of data collection.

  • Can active control help tiltrotor aircraft fly faster?

    A new study at the University of Bath is investigating how rapidly deploying spoiler-like devices, called mini-tabs, could help future eVTOL designs fly faster. Mini-tabs could aerodynamically counteract the damaging vibrations caused by whirl flutter - a catastrophic instability that occurs at high flight speeds. maxon has provided the motion solution to test the effectiveness of mini-tabs on a novel wind tunnel test rig.

  • Autonomous towing robots speeding up material handling

    With omnidirectional movement and smart docking with virtually any warehouse cart in under 20 seconds, these new robots are making material handling faster and safer.

  • The electric car giving driving lessons to children under 10

    A real electric car in miniature is giving children as young as four the opportunity to start their driving career early. With lessons from £20, the aim is to set children on course for excellent road safety and driving skills before these young drivers pass their test for real. Young Driver Motor Cars is providing this realistic driving experience using maxon motors.


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