I started a new job during lockdown

By Gaz Satkunathas, Technical Engineer

  • BeforeWhen initially interviewing for my new role at maxon UK and Ireland, everything was normal with regards to Covid-19


When initially interviewing for my new role at maxon UK and Ireland, everything was normal with regards to Covid-19. It was just another virus. I was very happy to accept the position when it was offered to me.

Then the situation began to escalate around the world. The week before I was due to start at maxon, I was getting a bit anxious, not so much about starting a new role, more so with whether the role would still exist. The news was full of companies streamlining operations and reducing staffing. I had a chat with Will Mason, maxon’s Managing Director, and was reassured that everything was in place to start, which was a relief.


Up until the first day, I was still nervous, as the Covid-19 situation was fast-moving and continually changing. maxon was great at keeping me informed. This reassured me. What I did not expect was I would be working from home from day two. Lockdown was now underway. I was set up for remote access and provided with all the necessary tools for remote and online training. I was quite impressed as everything was in place to still carry on training and prepare for the role.

My first week at maxon felt unreal. Usually, you start a job and go to the office to meet your new colleagues. I just stayed at home. During that first week, all my colleagues got in touch to welcome me, which made things feel a lot more real and gave me a great impression of the company. I am still looking forward to meeting everyone when we come out of lockdown.

As a fan of sci-fi movies, it felt like I was in one where contact with other humans was abnormal, and everything was done remotely. But after a while, it all starts to feel ‘normal’ strangely. Possibly an insight into the future, minus the virus of course! It showed me how prepared maxon is for situations like this, and I was glad I had started working for a forward-thinking company. But, still seeing and talking to people, face-to-face, would be my preference, to build a more ‘real’ relationship. Meeting someone virtually almost feels like a Sims game.

Regardless of the situation, everyone has been in contact and working on getting me up to speed. Conversation aren't always about work, which is important as you get to gauge personalities. We have a weekly team meeting to get updates on what is happening and, it is like a Marvel movie where Nick Fury is having a board meeting. If only holograms were possible, that would complete it, maybe in the future!


I am looking forward to experiencing the office atmosphere, as it usually is with everyone there and finally meeting in person. To put it simply, I am just waiting for the full, face-to-face maxon experience.

Gaz can be contacted on +44 01189 733 337 or gaz.satkunathas@maxongroup.com .

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